Summer – Inspired by the Daily Prompt

Our tanned, tangled forms
sleep sweetly…. entwined.
A gentle breeze stirs, 
gauzy curtains drift aside.
The morning air kissed,
by salt and brine,
as the summer sun rises….
disturbing my dreams
of rolling waves,
and the bluest seas

your demons have returned

the monster within you glows with delight

as all your resolutions are burned

and the good in you slowly fades from sight


Any fool can see

She says her Daddy didn’t love her,

but any fool can see,

her problems run much deeper

than anything Daddy failed to be.


There is no love within her,

to show the world she cares.

Her heart and soul are bitter,

and can never be repaired


You could give her the world,

and she would ask for more.

She craves drama and excitement,

finds parenting a chore.


She blithely ignores danger,

when her safety is at stake.

Her child is the one that suffers,

from the choices that she makes.


Sacrifice – Inspired by the Daily Post


You don’t see all the silent tears I’ve shed,

there are so many words between us, left unsaid.

I don’t care what happened in your past,

I honestly thought our love was built to last.

But you have shown yourself to be a liar,

if only to hide your shame and misplaced desires.

You have demons that just can’t be controlled,

not even to save your soul, and keep us whole.

You just want my disappointment to fade away,

but sacrificing my pride, is too high a price to pay.


Shadow – Inspired by The Daily Prompt

It is very telling, where my mind goes, even when using The Daily Prompt as my inspiration. This one goes straight to a place of fear, fear of illness. 

It haunts my dreams,

messes with my head.

I just can’t seem to escape, 

this feeling of dread.

 It’s cold and dark,

and fills me with fright,

always close behind me,

and yet just out of sight.

It follows me closely

this terror I feel,

an ominous shadow,

nipping at my heels.

I need to escape it.

I need to move on,

to exorcise my demons,

and try to be strong.